IPSE – Performance project


IPSE performance project

Interactive Public Sound Environment (IPSE) is a site-specific performative spatial environment integrating audio-visual composition responsive to the engagement between participants. Different from common interaction projects where users are interacting directly with the project, here participants only can call alive the ‘public space’ if they working closely with each other. IPSE encourages participants to create their own ‘performative space’ by interacting with their fellow participants. It investigates connection-disconnection and isolation-togetherness in urban environments; the audience enact social ‘nearness’ as one of the control parameters for the composition. The experience intensifies by the number of actors within the space whose quality of relationship is represented through space-sensitive soundscape and its visual representation onto the architectural construction of projection surfaces hanged over participants to allow free movement within the space. The collective behavior and how participants manage their spatial relationship influences the quality of experience for each actor. Instead of focusing the relationship between human and machine, IPSE investigates the human to human relationship with attaching new meaning to urban spaces fostering human intimacy and collective engagement. Through the constant redefinition of the virtual environment, participants might develop a novel collective sense of space and redefine and expand their every-day perception of (urban) spaces.

Concept & Space Design: ORTLOS Space Engineering Ivan Redi, Andrea Redi, Xinyu Xie, Hanno Fröhlich, Gudrun Jöller A, GB
Compostion and Audio Programming: Hubert Machnik, D
Performance and Choreography: Veronika Mayerböck A
Collaborators for Performance: Yael Gaathon, Anna Stamp Møller, Pernille Malou, Tannie Nolsøe Madsen, DK
Programming: NIRI, Marko Smiljanic, Radica Velinov, Obrad Stajic, SRB
Tracking: Computer Vision Lab TUWien, Martin Kampel, Michael Brandstötter, A
Monitoring: Luke Hespanhol, AUS
Construction engineer: Hartmuth Petschnigg, A

IPSE is kindly supported by: The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture / The Country of Styria, Economy, Europe and Culture / The City of Graz, Culture, Environment and Health