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Please note that MAB14 is co-funded and thus made possible by three EU projects:

Connecting Cities is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and social content. The network’s topic this year, Participatory City, focuses on interactive technologies that enable citizens to participate directly in artistic urban media projects and let them play an active role in their urban environment instead of being passive consumers. MAB14 is part of the CCN’s worldwide activities, a meeting place for its artists and curators.

The project Human Futures: Shared Memories and Visions is an international collaboration between cultural partners in Aarhus, Berlin, Liverpool, Vienna, and Montréal, to produce newly commissioned works that respond to the ways we experience cognitive, networked, living and urban space. Through talks, exhibitions and demonstrations, artists present eight projects at different stages of development. The marketplace is a chance to engage with these works, meet the artists and discuss some of the emergent issues related to our understanding of shared space, pervasive technology and collective action.

UrbanIxD is a Coordination Action project, running from 2013-2014, for the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies programme. This Coordination Action will define a coherent multidisciplinary research community working in the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments, with particular focus on the human activities, experiences and behaviours that occur within them (Interaction Design).