Bloody and generous winners

20 groups from all over the World participated in the 24 hours student design competition MAB24H. The winning group has found a way to recruit more blood donors – and they’ve decided to donate their prize to some of the runners-up.

In general, the 20 submissions were of very high quality; the responses to the design brief were highly interesting, creative, and thorough. The eight jury members from around the world were very impressed indeed with the work done within such a short period of time. It’s truly amazing what can happen within 24 hours!

However, after comparing the jury’s reviews of the final videos, the concepts, the notes, and the blogs, we now have a winner and a few honorable mentions! The winner of the mab24h 2014 edition is: LUOGOCOMUNEhave a look at their tumblr here.

The jury said that their response “combines relevant research methods, a clear purpose, interaction and nudging in a great package, and all for a good cause. Also, commendations must be made for not sticking to a screen-based outcome but instead letting the streets flod with blood, a darkly hilarious move.”

Runners-up and honorable mentions
With respect to the conceptual part of the design, runners-up were:

  • TwUMa for addressing the hospital setting
  • CLAMdesign for picking an interesting setting and working well with it
  • Googly Fries for thinking about different types of output (sound) as well as passive input
  • Teviot for using trains–movable structures–as the interface.

Furthermore, the jury wishes to give honorable mentions to two teams who stood out from the other participants for different reasons:

  • Sust Solid for being an impressive oneman team in a challenging locale
  • Denkbau for doing amazing rapid prototyping.

Honorable mentions do not receive a prize but we will send you a diploma to hang on the wall.

Generous winners
Since Luogocomune is an Aarhus based team and thus will not need the travel grant, the four team members have decided to donate their travel stipend to the two runner-up teams that were from outside of Aarhus, giving these teams a chance to participate in MAB14, a major reason for having the travel grant in the first place.

This lovely gesture is in the spirit of MAB24H and we applaud the luogocomune team members for doing this. This means that both TwUMa and Teviot will have the possibility to go to MAB14, sharing the € 1.000 grant. Those two teams should get in contact with us asap.

Congratulations to the winners and the honorable mentions. We will be back shortly with more info on how to submit a poster or web page for the MAB14 exhibition.

We have reviews for all teams that we will be sending out individually within the next week.