MAB Awards 2014: Full list of nominees

An international jury has nominated three outstanding media architecture in each of the five award categories.

The winners will receive their prizes at an award show at the Aarhus City Hall on November 21, 2014 as a part of the Media Architecture Biennale. The award show is open to the public.


Animated Architecture

  • Harpa Reykjavik, Iceland: A concert building’s unique glass shell – including e.g. prism-shaped glass – and its illumination.
  • C4 Espacio de Creación Artística Contemporánea, Spain: A low-resolution media facade integrated in a building.
  • The Energy Tower Facade Lighting, Denmark: An architectural media facade and a shining landmark for a power plant.
Spine - Denmark

Spine – Denmark

Spatial Media Art

  • Spine, Denmark: An interactive installation based on twenty glowing cubes and an atmospheric sound composition.
  • Light Barrier, Russia and South Korea: A light installation that creates floating graphic objects.
  • Human Beeing, Finland: A building turned into a beehive – bees brought back into an urban environment.

Participatory Architecture and Urban Interaction

  • CyclePhilly, USA: A smartphone app for recording bicycle trips. Data can be used by regional transportation planners to make the Philadelphia area a better place to ride.
  • Digital Matatus, Kenya: The project maps Nairobi’s public transportation system and has changed how residents and Government navigate the system.
  • Our Meeting Places, Germany: A prototype web platform that reveals the architecture of our meeting places.

Money Architecture

  • Dia Lights / Urban Canvas, Denmark: A dynamic media facade in the heart of Copenhagen.
  • Hanjie Wanda Square, China: A shopping plaza facade design focusing on achieving a dynamic effect with polished steel and patterned glass.
  • Mondeal Sqare, India: The biggest media facade in India – on a building consisting of two blocks each providing two different main viewing angles.
Discovery wall - one among 15 outstanding media architecture projects nominated for the MAB Awards.

Discovery Wall – USA

Future Trends and Prototypes

  • Megafaces, Russia: A cross-platform project built at the Sochi Winter Olympics and celebrating the Everyman.
  • Discovery Wall, USA: A permanent digital artwork created from thousands of tiny screens and lenses.
  • BIRLOKI System, Singapore: A modular piece of urban furniture that can be used to capture and share information.