Alessandro Carboni

Alessandro Carboni (photo: Luca Lovino).

Alessandro Carboni (photo: Luca Lovino).

We are happy to welcome Alessandro Carboni to the MAB14 stage called Marketplace.

Alessandro Carboni is an interdisciplinary artist who’s projects explore the complex relationships between body and space. His performance are mappings that represent places that the artist reshapes and weaves according to the different stages stimulated by specific urban contingencies. The materials and collected data, produced during the long periods of work and residence in selected urban areas, are accumulated in an archive that is transformed into visual works and body performance.

As part of the ongoing project Performing Urban Complexity, Alessandro presents a lecture-performance of his recent research about body, urban mapping and complexity. During a five months of residence in Aarhus University, as visiting researcher, the artist has explored the potentiality and performativity of body as tool for reading, mapping and translating urban complexity. He established a collaborative research platform in which he has collaborate with researchers, practitioners to developed em:toolkit: a new methodological toolkit for urban mapping and performance practices. The toolkit is able to accumulate-assemble-reassemble data from and with the city and translates that data into performance. The cartographic process, invoking the body, applies reflexive practice and a series of steps comprising observation, analysis, extraction and the embodiment of data.

Alessandro Carboni’s projects have been displays, performed and situated in many countries across the world. Commissions include Santarcangelo Festival; Biennale of Architecture of Hong Kong/Shenzhen; Ciant, Prague; S.T.E.I.M, Amsterdam; FestArch festival Internazionale di Architettura, Cagliari; 1aSpace Hong Kong; Mediadanse – Département Danse de l’Université ParisVIII; New School University, New York; Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei; Hong Kong Pavillion, Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in Venice; Central Saint Martin’s University of Art, London. At the moment he’s developing a PhD at the School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong. As a committed teacher, he has been lecturing about his findings at numerous distinguished academic and nonacademic institutions. Based in Hong Kong and Sardinia, he is currently working as an independent artist.

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A video on em:toolkit by Alessandro Carboni on Vimeo.