Media in Built Environments

James Miller: Media in Built Environments: The Technologies of Mediatization

Part of Paper Session 3: Critical Perspectives and Urban Curation

Abstract: Media are becoming constitutive elements of the built environment. From the perspective of mediatization theory, this paper explores the implications of such a claim, with the automobile as an illustrative case, which in turn leads to four observations concerning media and physical space, material and immaterial interfaces, media’s simultaneous functions as means of infotainment/interaction/infrastructure and intelligent environments. Together, they point the way to a media- architectural approach.

James Miller is Professor of Communications. Read more about James Miller on the Hampshire College website

Paper Session 3: Critical Perspectives and Urban Curation
This session takes place in the morning on November 22. It features four talks:

James Miller: Media in Built Environments – the Technologies of Mediatization

Gavin Sade: Aesthetics of Urban Media Façades

Tanya Toft: Situations of Presence – Reclaiming public space in the urban digital gallery

Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska: Critical Perspectives on Media Architecture

Selena Savic and Teresa Heitor: Probing the Network: Architecturality of Wireless Infrastructure