Interactive Public Sound Environment (IPSE) is a performative spatial environment integrating audio-visual composition responsive to the participants’ interaction. An interdisciplinary team of architects, artists, composers and computer vision specialists developed an environment where participants can enter, move around, and – through interaction with each other – experience different fragments of an action-sensitive sound and visual environment. The installation uses a high-end tracking system in order to reliably track multiple participants.

IPSE is made by ORTLOS – Andrea Redi, Ivan Redi, Gudrun Jöller, Hanno Fröhlich, Xinyu Xie
Composition: Hubert Machnik
Performance: Veronika Mayerböck
Tracking: CVL TU-Wien
Programming: NIRI
Monitoring: Luke Hespanol
Financial support: Austrian Federal Ministry for Educations, Arts and Culture/ Country of Styria, Economy, Europe and Culture / City of Graz, Culture