Knitted Oscilloscope – Fairisle Markers


Knitted Oscilloscope and Fairisle Markers are projects by Sam Meech.

Knitted Oscilloscope and Fairisle Markers for La Place des Arts are two works that interpret and display stories and symbols from the area close to La Place des Arts, using animation and banners both created through machine knitting techniques.

Knitted Oscilloscope animations will render oral recordings of people working near La Places des Arts as knitted visualisations of oscillator waveforms and spectrographs, whilst they will also explore the potential to develop an interactive sound interface, either audio-reactive, or touch based, referencing Montreal’s heritage as a hub for electronic music. Visitors will be able to listen to recordings whilst watching the knitted visualisations, and even speak into the Knitted Oscilloscope to generate their own sound reactive textile animation.

Fairisle Markers, knitted banner markers drawing on the graphics and symbols of the area, translated into traditional knitted fairisle patterns. These markers document and distill the artefacts, ideas and concerns of an area as a knitted textile, their final form referencing both totems and also protest banners. Visitors will be able to explore the detailed textile designs close up and trace their iconography back to the recordings and images taken from Montreal.

These projects are part of Human Futures, developed with the support of FACT.

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