LinzerSchnitte is a platform for low-cost, long-range wireless DIY electronics projects. It consists of a low-power microcontroller board with an integrated FM broadcast receiver and a single output pin. With an FM transmitter and special server software, hundreds of LinzerSchnitte devices can be triggered in real-time across large distances, without the need for internet infrastructure.

The LinzerSchnitte was developed as part of the 2012 Linzer Klangwolke event, where it was used to control the “Klangwolke ABC”, a participatory project that allowed over 2000 citizens to build an illuminable cardboard letter and bring it to the event; via the LinzerSchnitte, the letters were then lit up in synchrony from the central transmitter and became part of a large-scale audiovisual spectacle.

LinzerSchnitte is produced thanks to the support of Connecting Cities and made by Ars Electronica Futurelab.