Programming natural affect


This project proposes a new way to look at the interweaving of the natural world and urban life through the use of new media and architecture. Rather than trying to fully control/manage the relationship between the natural and built environment with computation (and its metaphors) this project sets out to augment the natural world. Thus creating artificial environments that evokes the organic. An architecture that artificially amplifies the experiences of nature that is diminishing in the urban context.

This is to be done by reproducing the affect of nature in a new abstract manner and projecting this onto a public pavilion. How can the regulation of light mimic weather? Fog? Create a landscape type experience? By abstracting various affects found in nature the project hopes to amplify our sense perception – when experiencing the affects in a novel way.

The project is made by Anna Ulak (University of Toronto) and Philipp Rahlenbeck (MultiTouch Berlin), who’re also organizing a workshop on Programming Natural Affect.