Thinking through Obsolescence


Thinking through Obsolescence is a project by Darsha Hewitt.

Thinking through Obsolescence centres on the technical and aesthetic exploration of The Wurlitzer Sideman – the first commercially available electronic drum machine. Invented by the Wurlitzer Company (known largely for their electronic organs and mechanical metronomes), this rhythm machine that was designed to accompany an organist at old fashion social dance parties. It generates a very unique flavour of ballroom dance signatures with the aid of intricate electromechanical controls, and shimmering vacuum tube technology. However, when the circuitry is cross-wired and the audio waveforms are visualised, Hewitt’s interventions into the device’s workings allow us to inhabit the secret expressive qualities of a machine that time forgot.

Thinking through Obsolescence is part of Human Futures, developed with the support of FACT.

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