Cultural Producers’ Workshop

Photo by Connecting Cities

Photo by Connecting Cities

This workshop will offer a unique opportunity for cultural producers, curators and bottom-up initiatives to exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world.

Co-hosted by some of the best and brightest, we are confident that this meeting will result in long-term connections between the participants, enabling you to bring new insight and inspiration back to your city. The Connecting Cities Network, initiated by Susa Pop might serve as a backbone for future collaborations and exchange.

MAB14 will host the “World Cities’ Cultural Producers’ Workshop” including an exclusive roundtable and panel discussions embedded in the MAB14 programme — for people who oversee and actively drive this development, to exchange experiences and ideas about the role of media architecture for the cultural development of the cities, regardless if you are part of city government or municipality or cultural institution or „just“ civil society activists.

The workshop is to discuss these different perspectives and approaches. It discusses questions like:

  • What is a cultural producer? And what is his/her role for urban development?
  • How can urban media cultures contribute to the co-creation of our cities?
  • What kinds of business opportunities are there for content producers to get involved in media architecture?
  • What kinds of business models are relevant in media architecture? And are there any legal restrictions when the city is your business model and platform?
  • Where can you get funding?
  • How do you get started working with media architecture as a content producer?
  • What are the competencies needed to create a successful project? Who are the team members? Is there a need for new types of “middle men” to handle the different industries that meet in this new arena?
  • How can storytelling be transferred to urban platforms like buildings and interact with digital platforms? Or rather – how can you expand transmedia to an urban environment?

Half-day session

Time: 12:30-16:00

Venue: Godsbanen, room: ‘Remisen’


  • Susa Pop (Public Art Lab)
  • Kristian Krämer (Interactive DK)