Fingies toolbox for media architecture


The workshop addresses the potential of printed electronics as a way to embed electronic functionalities into everyday physical objects in urban and architectural settings.

We present an Arduino Yun-based toolkit for experimenting with printed electronics in a networked environment. The thematic focus will be on the investigation of ar- chitectural applications for Fingies, an experimental prototyping platform that can be combined with different sensors and ac- tuators from traditional and printed elec tronics. We will build a small toolbox from a pre-fabricated model set that includes an Arduino Yun connected to printed circuit boards. Different electronic components and sensors will be attached to the board and will be used to record environmental parameters. These smart tangible devices communicate with each other via the In- ternet or a local wireless network.

In addition, participants can interact with a media façade created specially for the MAB with the help of their self-created Fingie cards. Here, all interactions will be gathered together wirelessly and displayed as a projection borrowing from Chris Langton‘s two-dimensional Turing machine, “Langton‘s Ant.“

However, in this case several of these machines (ants) equivalent to the number of participants will interact with each other. Each individual participant can govern one of these machines, which in turn influences the others, depending on the user’s selection of a specific sensor, each capable of collecting various electrical, physical and environmental inputs.

An interactive Web-of-Things installation which spans both the duration of the workshop and runs during the entire MAB 2014 is conceivable.

Furthermore, participants will develop concepts for future architectural and urban applications.

Full-day session
Time: 09:00-17:00
Venue: Godsbanen. Room: DAK/Institute for (X)


  • Johannes Deich (Bauhaus University Weimar & Fingies Toolbox for Media Architecture)
  • Jens Geelhaar (Bauhaus University Weimar & Fingies Toolbox for Media Architecture)