Mapping Media Layers


The installation of media facades, screens, video projectors, the use of smart-phones, and new strategies adopted by traditional media and shops are flooding the everyday life of cities with all sorts of content. Put together, such technologies constitute a new infrastructure, a media layer sometimes subtly integrated into the city and sometimes in open conflict with the urban space. We conceive this workshop as a smart citizen lab, where the participants will explore the perception of this layer and how it relates to the elements of different cities.

The participants will learn about mental mapping and how this methodology can be used to analyse and describe the impact of media in public spaces and buildings. They will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own experience in the city and how media influences it. Additionally, they will find out how this phenomenon is evolving in other places. The results and conclusions of the smart citizen lab will be collected in a booklet that can be used both for didactic purposes and as a reference for the analysis of media in the city.

Half-day Session

Time: 12:30-17:00
Venue: Godsbanen


  • Juan Carlos Carvajal B. (Media Architecture Institute)
  • Petra Hendrich (Media Architecture Institute)