The workshops at the Media Architecture Biennale are an interactive, dynamic forum leading up to the conference and exhibition, with an opportunity for exchanging ideas, forming communities, sharing knowledge, getting in touch, networking, inspirations, prototyping and much more. They all take place on November 20, 2014.

Workshop at Martin Professional in 2012. (Media Architecture Biennale / Rasmus Steengaard).

Workshop at Martin Professional in 2012. (Media Architecture Biennale / Rasmus Steengaard).

We are proud to present the following workshops for the Media Architecture Biennale 2014:

  1. Fingies Toolbox for Media Architecture
    full day Hosts: Bauhaus University, Weimar (D)
  2. Interactive Urban Architecture
    afternoon Hosts: University of Munich (D) & University of Sydney (AU)
  3. Programming Natural Affect
    full day Hosts: University of Toronto (CA) & Multitouch Berlin (D)
  4. Residential Media Architecture
    full day Hosts: University of Leuven (BE)
  5. Tools, Services, and Building Blocks for Creating Media Architecture
    full day Hosts: Philips Research (NL)
  6. Mapping Media Layers
    afternoon Hosts: Media Architecture Institute (A/AUS/DK)
  7. The Importance of Collaboration Partners (site visit and workshop)
    morning Host: Martin Professional (DK/US)
  8. Bus tour of Aarhus: A Century of Mediated Architectures
    morning Hosts: The Architecture Project (DK)
  9. City Architect’s Meeting (by invitation only)
    afternoon Hosts: Peter Bishop, UCL Bartlett (UK) & Stephen D. Willacy, Aarhus City Architect (DK)
  10. Cultural Producers’ Workshop (by invitation only)
    afternoon Hosts: Connecting Cities Network (Int’l) & Interactive Denmark (DK)
  11. Industry Roundtable
    afternoon Hosts: The Architecture Project & Invest in Denmark (DK)
  12. Doctoral Consortium (by selection only)
    full day Hosts: Aarhus University (DK) & Queensland University of Technology (AUS)
The pre-event in Copenhagen is an integrated package consisting of a tour, talks, lunch and shared transportation to Aarhus by bus. You need a Full Pass or Independent Pass + CPH to attend.

Note: There is a limited number of seats in each workshop (see the registration webshop for details). The organizers reserve the right to cancel workshops with very low attendance.

You can read more about the registration here.

If you have any questions, please direct them to